Julie Poole Hypnotherapy

Consultant Hypnotherapist : specialising in trauma, abuse and anxiety, working with clients suffering from stress and anxiety, food intolerances, chronic illness and many other symptoms.

Julie Poole – BSC (Hons), SQHP (Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice.) Certified and registered Hypnotherapy Practitioner, registered with the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register), GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council) and the CNCH (Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council.)

Julie covers Devon and Cornwall for face-to-face clients, and works with distance clients both in the UK and internationally via Skype.

Skype is just as effective, and sometimes more effective than face to face sessions, mainly because the client is in their own home, in their own comforts and therefore they feel safer and more relaxed. It is particularly effective for my clients who are unwell physically, and for those who suffer with anxiety issues.

Julie Poole developed her Hypnotherapy practice in 2002 and has worked with over 2000 clients since, helping them to make the changes they seek.

“I have been amazed and astounded by the changes that my clients have made to their lives through hypnotherapy sessions with me over the past 15 years. I consider myself blessed to have been a part of each person’s journey; a journey which is often challenging – taking trust, determination and a willingness to overcome their individual obsticles in order to find the release and peace that each seeks. I am proud to have known and worked with each and every one of them.”

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“Julie has been a fantastic source of support to me for almost 18 months. Her gentle and encouraging approach helps me to feel that I can share personal details with her without fear of judgment, but she is also great at giving guidance. Something I particularly appreciate about her is that she takes careful note of the experiences and feelings that I share with her, so that she is able to reference these with me when I need reminders of my progress or my patterns of thinking and behaviour. She has a great balance between practical, expert guidance, empathic listening and effective hypnotherapy sessions. She knows a lot about recovery from childhood trauma in particular, and her expertise in this area has meant that I have made considerable gains in improving my personal relationships and self-esteem.” MF. Sept 2017

“I’ve had CFS/ME for 5 years and became so intolerant to various foods that I was down to eating 9 foods by the end of last year. I was getting nowhere with conventional medicine and now struggling to tolerate nutritional supplements and healthy foods, then Julie was recommended to me by someone who had experienced similar problems. Within weeks of having sessions with Julie my energy levels improved dramatically as did my symptoms of brain fog. I am now a few months into sessions and I have been able to more than double the amount of foods I can eat. I have gone from being mostly housebound to going out at least once or twice a week.” GF. 23.09.17

“I have been working with Julie for several months and have found her to be an excellent practitioner. She is extremely eclectic and very easy to get on with. Her knowledge is very diverse and I have been able to make several changes to my life because of my work with her. She is extremely responsive, always professional whilst remaining very amiable and putting me at my ease. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” JE. 22.09.17

You are helping me to help myself which is life changing. Thank you so much! Xxx” J. September 2017.

“Julie was amazing! She helped me change my eating habits and feel in control of my weight loss. I felt very relaxed and comfortable through out my treatment – she provides a excellent service.” L Palmer, Dec 2015.

3 sessions changed my life so much for the better. Julie makes you feel at ease and very down to earth making it easier to talk about difficult things. Would highly recommend to everyone. 🙂” Amy Lou. Dec 2015.

“I first came to see you when I was having chronic migraines and was in a very stressed state with low self-esteem. From the moment I met you I knew it was the right fit. I had several sessions of counselling and hypnotherapy with you. The sessions felt safe, calm and relaxing, without any feeling of being rushed. I came away from every session feeling refreshed and a little more like the old me. I was sad when you moved away from my area! However our paths crossed again a little over a year later following the birth of my son, when I had a session with you online using Skype. The birth had been traumatic for me and I was experiencing flashbacks and insomnia. I don’t recall ever feeling so low in my life. My husband suggested I have a session with you via skype. I was dubious as I didn’t think it would be as effective through a screen, but the moment I started talking to you it was like you just got it. The hypnotherapy completely relaxed me and from that moment on I was able to sleep! In the morning I felt renewed and began to bond with my son and from that day everything has just gotten better and better. I am totally in love with my little boy who is six months old already and we have an incredibly deep bond. I can’t remember the last time I had a migraine. I don’t know how it would have all turned out if you hadn’t helped me find my strength that day. So thank you very very much. X” – Mrs H, Nov 2015.
“Thank you so much. I feel a different person! I am recommending you to everyone.” Mr N H. March 2015.
“I had suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for over ten years. Having tried everything else I went to Julie hoping she could help. After only 3 sessions, I can honestly say that my panic attacks have gone and I feel a stronger, happier person. My life has been changed for the better and this is down to Julie. I cannot thank her enough, I would recommend anyone suffering like I did to speak to Julie, I am confident she can help you too!” Miss R.R – Jan 2014
“Having ummed and ahhed about going for hypnotherapy to help with weight loss for a number of years, I finally plucked up the courage to contact Julie. She has a lovely way about her which instantly puts you at your ease and I find that her sessions give me a great sense of relaxation. I find that I am effortlessly making healthier food choices and am gradually learning to listen and respond to my body when it is full! All in all, I would thoroughly recommend Julie and only wish I had found her years ago instead of ploughing money into slimming clubs which only work on a short term basis and only tackle one aspect of over-eating. Thanks Julie x” – DT – Dec 2011
“One of the best therapists I have ever used, very professional, she really helped me get past my issues and move on. Thanks Julie, I would be happy to recommend you to anyone!” – Kiki Nov 2011
“I suffered, please note past tense, from trichotillomania, this is a compulsive disorder where people pull out their own hair, usually one at a time. This started at the age of 19 and continued till the age of 57. At times of severe stress I would create bald patches on my own head. I had tried conventional hypnotherapy which did work, but only for a few weeks. I also tried EFT, another alternative therapy, which again worked temporarily. I went to see Julie over a year ago and following a one hour session I have not pulled out any more hair. I no longer consider myself to have this condition.”– M – March 2011
“Julie has helped me tremendously with my driving phobia. I have always been a safe and competent driver, but very nervous. My father suffered from road rage and being in a car with him was extremely unpleasant, my mum said she preferred to walk! A session with Julie gave my confidence in my own skills and driving has since been quite enjoyable, a novel experience for me.” – Marg, April 2011
“I used Julie to deal with two separate issues. I find her relaxed approach and fantastic facilities put at complete ease, her knowledge and professionalism was outstanding and has enabled me to deal with my issues with a different perspective. I would recommend Julie to anyone.” – BW Feb 2011
“I had an amazing experience with Julie who fixed not only the issue I went for but also some underlying things I didn’t even know were affecting me until I saw her. I would highly recommend Julie.” – G – Feb 2011
“The sessions with Julie were absolutely wonderful… I awoke feeling like I’d cleared out a load of old emotional baggage after each session. I also felt so much clearer headed and somehow ‘recharged’ after each session. Thoroughly professional and worth every penny!” – Jo Martin Sep 2010
“Julie has an amazing ability to get to the heart of the issue, fast. In only one session I feel like a huge block has been removed – something that had been holding me back from moving my own business forward. I feel energised and focused and excited about moving on. Julie is an incredibly gifted lady and I would recommend anyone who is ‘stuck’ in any way to give Julie a ring and fix an appointment now! Julie – thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Helen Brown 2010
“My problem was low self-esteem, I was brought up by a over protective mother. I was never allowed to stand on my own two feet and was constantly bullied, my school time was terrible, also my time after school and then it effected my working life. I can tell you that Julie has changed my life. I can’t recommend Julie (and her work!) highly enough.” – Neil H